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                           Owning the best pump sprayer is a must for any gardener or homeowner.  There are so many uses for a pump sprayer if you have access to one that works well. The best pump sprayer for you might not be the best for someone else, so the 2 key things to look for are size and quality, which I’ll get into in a minute. These handy tools allow you to measure the exact amount of material that is needed for your job. Another benefit is the accurate control you have when spraying, like under and around small and tight spaces like branches and leaves. Also, purchasing products in concentrate form and mixing yourself  is much more cost effective than buying premixed products. So whether you’re spraying harmful pesticides or  non-toxic organic materials, a pump sprayer will make your job much easier.

Some other applications that pump sprayers can be used for are- weed killers, fungicides and pesticides. The problem that I’ve gone through time after time with so many tools (not just pump sprayers), is how poorly they are made. In most cases when it comes to tools, you get what you pay for and the Best Pump Sprayer usually does cost more than the rest. As I’m sure you know, nowadays  many things  are made of plastic that just shouldn’t be. Just because something says Best Pump Sprayer on the cover of the box, doesn’t mean that is what you’re actually getting. Things years ago were made of metal and more importantly made to last, as is not so much the case today. Some of the lower end sprayers’ entire gun and nozzle system is made of plastic, something that you should stay away from. Sprayers havent changed much since the first ones were created  except for the material they are made of and some other minor features.

Best pump sprayer

Some things to look for to make sure you get the BEST PUMP SPRAYER:

Replaceable parts– like O-rings, washers, hoses and springs. Some of the more quality sprayers sell kits to replace all worn or damaged parts. Washer and O-ring replacement is regular maintenance for sprayers.

Pressure release valve–  When opening your sprayer to empty or add more liquid it may be under pressure. Having a pressure release valve allows you to quickly, conveniently and safely release pressure.

Tank capacity: I wouldn’t recommend getting a pump sprayer with less than a 2 gl. tank. Most of your jobs probably won’t require you to fill the entire tank but it’s always good to have the option for those times when you need it.

When purchasing a pressurized pump sprayer some other things that are important to remember are:

Always rinse and clean your sprayer as well as spraying a mild cleaning solution or at least clean water through the hose and gun after use, especially if you’re using the same sprayer for weed killers.

Spray with the wind to your back to avoid harmful overspray, also wear goggles & glasses when using harmful chemicals.

Some of the best pump sprayer reviews are listed below. I have listed three of my favorites not in any special order. I think I have used almost every pump sprayer on the market and these are the ones that work the best.


Backpack Style Sprayers

Best Pump Sprayer on Sale
Chapin Tree/Turf Pro Backpack

One of my favorite types of pump sprayers is the Chapin backpack style sprayer. These are a bit more costly than the regular hand held sprayers but worth it. This is the best pump sprayer that is a backpack style sprayer. This is the most affordable in its class and particularly beneficial when you are doing larger applications, like an entire lawn or a large property. They are supported with your shoulders like a backpack witha long handle that comes out alongside you that is used to pressurize the unit. One piece of advice: If you can find one with a built in agitator they can be helpful when dealing with applications that need to be mixed often because settling occurs. If you don’t have an agitator, not to worry ( mine doesn’t have one and it’s not a big deal) you just need to do a little dance and shake once in awhile to keep things mixed. You can read other user’s pump sprayer reviews here, good & bad.

Another great product by Chapin that I have owned for years is the Chapin 2 gl. hand held pump sprayer. In my opinion a must for any gardener!

Pump Sprayer
Chapin Proseries 2 gl hand held pump sprayer

Last, but not least the Stanley Deluxe steel 2 gl sprayer. I have never owned one but I have used them. This sprayer is meant to last with its steel tank and has great reviews. The only disadvantage is it’s weight being a little heavier due to the steel tank design.

Stanley Lawn & Garden sprayer
Stanley 2gl. Lawn & Garden sprayer

Hopefully this article along with the pump sprayer reviews help you in your search for the best pump sprayer. For more great articles and garden tool reviews take a look at these top rated garden hoses.  Please comment whether you have or haven’t used a pump sprayer and what you think the best pump sprayer is, and remember,  Happy spraying!





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