The electric lawn mower has made huge strides in the last couple years. It may take some work to get out of your old mindset of how these machines USE to operate. I’m sure many will agree they made yard work that wasn’t much fun even less fun, and actually dangerous. I can remember as a kid, sitting on my porch watching my elderly neighbor cut his lawn every week.  Lugging around what looked like miles of extension cords, trying to hold them in one hand while pushing the mower, never mind not cutting the cord, which he did more than once. Using anything electric in the rain isnt a good idea, so if you got caught while using one of these mowers you would have to stop and wait for the weather to break. Electric lawn mowers have climbed the ladder since those days and dragging around cords is a thing of the past.

Electric mowers took the turn from corded plug in mowers to battery operated lawn mowers, but the problem was the lack of power and torque, especially if you used a gas machine in the past. They were fine for people who had a small flat area to cut but if you had some slopes and got into taller grass, Forget It ! Today you can still get corded mowers and also machines with very little power for those flat areas.

Today we are going over a few machines that top the charts for Best Electric Mowers, machines you don’t have to worry about staying on flat ground or loosing power.  It’s worth it to spend the extra money for a lawnmower that is going to make your job easier and safer for years to come. The following electric mower reviews will help you choose the one that’s right for you.


GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 20-Inch Cordless

electric lawn mower

This 20″ dual  blade, dual battery  mower is an all around great piece of equipment. This GreenWorks 25302 doesn’t lack in power and its lithium ion battery will keep you cutting strong for up to 60 min. One handy benefit of the GreenWorks G-Max system allows you to swap your battery around in 25 other tools including trimmers, blowers, and chain saws.


  • Smart cut technology- automatically adjusts power in thicker grass
  • Instant electric start
  • Almost half the weight of gas mower
  • No more noisy engines
  • Easy cutting height adjustment


  • This really isnt a con because it’s mostly operator error, but some users complain of bogging down in heavier grass. Frequent, regular cutting will eliminate this issue.


Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch

best electric mower


Another quality tool by black and decker is the Black & Decker CM1936 1936 with it’s 19″ deck. This rechargeable mower has everything covered when it comes to operator experience. The one-touch height adjustment allows you to quickly change the cutting height of all four wheels at once with a one lever adjustment. Say goodbye to gas spills and noisy engines with the CM1936. One disappointment that Black and Decker won’t tell you but I surely will is after using this mower I would only recommend it for small to Medium sized lawns. If you push this machine to much it will easily bog down and wear it’s charge out quickly.


  • Cuts up to 1/3 acre
  • Variable speed adjusts to your speed
  • Conveniently stores upright for easy storage
  • Instant easy start, no more tired arms with pull cords


  • Mower bogs down in wet heavier grass
  • Operators report mower doesn’t hold charge after time but is backed by factory warranty.



GreenWorks 25223 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 19-Inch Cordless Lawnmower

Image of a top selling GreenWorks electric mower. This machine is seen and includes 2 batteries and a charger.

Another mean  green machine by GreenWorks is the 25223, also sporting the dual rechargeable batteries for extra  power & cutting time. Just like the 25302 this mowers uses the G-Max system with a 40V battery giving you the option to interchange power with 25 other amazing tools. This 2 in one bagger/ mulcher comes fully equipped with single lever action for easy adjustment of 7 different cutting heights. Say goodbye to noisy mowers and spilt gas with this 19″ battery powered mower.


  • Large 10″ rear wheels make for easier maneuverability
  • Folding handle for easy transport and storage
  • 1.8″ – 3″ cutting height adjustment with single lever adjustment for all four wheels
  • Just over 50 lbs., no more heavy gas engines


  • Not enough waranty recommended repair shops.
  • Out of over a 1,ooo buyers, a few had battery issues soon after purchase but were replaced by GreenWorks.




These are the top three electric mowers not in any particular order. One brand that didn’t make this Best Of list because it’s newness on the market when we made this list is WORX,  you can read more about here is  the Worx Electric Start Lawn Mower. I have personally used this machine and it is by far in a league of it’s own. If your looking to go green and reduce your carbon footprint than buying an electric mower is definitely a great place to start. We try to cover a wide range of products and reviews here at so whether your looking for a new mower or want to learn where to get the cheapest mower parts take a look around, we’re sure youll find something that will catch your eye !




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