Best Wood Chippers – Top 5 Chipper Reviews & Buyers Guide

The Best Wood Chippers of 2017

Cleaning up your yard and getting rid of sticks, weeds and other waste is a very important maintenance task. The fresh look and feel of having an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying garden or yard, is most definitely appealing to homeowners. In this article you’ll learn what to look for when searching for the best wood chippers.

There are different ways to achieve this look of cleanliness. The most efficient way to not only clean up your yard, but also utilize the waste and recycle it using a wood chipper. A wood chipper will allow you to take a massive pile of sticks and debris in your yard, and turn it into a much more manageable pile of mulch that you can incorporate into your gardens and plants to help them grow and prosper, year after year.

The hard part is obviously going to be choosing which is the best wood chipper for your needs. There is an overwhelming number to choose from and it’s going to take some time and research to decide which one suits you the best. There are a few that stand out the most that should be considered if you are seriously contemplating purchasing one.

Lets dive right in with the top 5 picks, but keep reading to learn which style might be better for you. What mainly separates these machines is the power source, and we’ll get into the differences right after these top choices.

The Top 5 Wood Chipper Picks for 2017

GreenWorks 24052 15 Amp

This is a great, compact machine measuring at 33.7 x 19.9 x 15.8 inches but don’t let this smaller size fool you. This wood chipper is more powerful than you would think because it’s equipped with a 15-amp motor ready to work. It’s easy to maneuver around weighing in at only 30 pounds. This is a great wood chipper for work that you are doing close to a house or garage as opposed to larger areas of debris such as fields or forests.

The GreenWorks wood chipper is designed to take on the smaller type of debris like leaves and sticks. This unit should not be loaded up with anything that exceeds one and three-eighths inches. Don’t purchase this machine thinking you’ll be able to chip trees or large branches. It is a pretty specific unit for smaller jobs. It comes fully equipped with a paddle that you can use to load the wood chipper safely, a bag to collect the chipped debris, another set of blades and also a four-year warranty.

Sun Joe Chipper Joe CJ601E 14-Amp

This wood chipper runs off an electric engine and the 14-Amp motor packs a serious punch when it comes to handling any and all types of small-medium sized debris. Sticks, leaves, branches and even thick brushes doesn’t stand a chance against this powerful machine. It is a chipper and shredder combo which allows for the variety of debris to be loaded up into it. It can be filled with anything measuring up to an inch and a half in diameter.

This wood chipper does come with a cord already attached. If more distance is needed it would be best to also use a longer extension cord to maximize mobility. This is also a compact and lightweight machine only weighing in at 32 pounds. Another important feature is that it runs much quieter than a gas-run engine, as do most electric machines.

Tazz Chipper Shredders K32

This particular wood chipper could easily be considered the Hulk of all wood chippers. It is a powerful unit made for cleaning up branches and sticks and turning them into mulch and dusts. Purchase with peace of mind, as you’ll be protected with a 5-year warranty! The reason we would say this chipper is so powerful is because it can handle items that range in diameter up to 3 full inches! More than double the previous two machines.

One downfall is the noise level. This model tends to be pretty loud during use due to the powerful gas engine. It’s also a heavy chipper, weighing in at 121 pounds. If you have trouble maneuvering this chipper than a tow kit to move it might be best. An additional feature that comes with the Tazz if you wish to purchase separately, is a handy vacuum kit. This handy addition allows for easy pickup of debris and leaves.

Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP

If you tend to have a little bit of land or a yard measuring up to about 1 acre, give or take, this Patriot model may be one of the best wood chippers for you. It has a gas engine and steel knives that are treated with heat during production which strengthens the metal. You also have the ability to remove and re-sharpen them whenever you feel necessary.

When it comes to the output, this wood chipper is great for fast pace wood chipping. You won’t be replacing pulleys or belts on this work horse because there isnt any. This Patriot Product is about the size of a garbage can allowing for easy storage. It comes fully equipped with a debris bag to catch all of your mulch. Another option is to remove the bag and blow the wood chips to a desired area.

Eco-Shredder ES1600 14 Amp

We have saved the best for last when it comes to diversity and what your able to do with this chipper. The Eco-Shredder has the ability to chop up debris, shred leaves and twigs and also mulch. You can’t go wrong with the beast! This wood chipper is also about the size of a garbage can making it easy to move and store.

It has 3 different feeding and loading areas – one on the top for the leaves and smaller items, a side compartment for branches and sticks and also a discharge chute that makes cleaning up the mulch, a breeze.  In case of an overfill or jam situation, there is also a protection switch that quickly turns the motor off to prevent damage in case something is malfunctioning.

What To Look For In The Best Wood Chippers

There are a few important factors to keep in mind when it comes to buying and using a wood chipper. Obviously, first and foremost is safety. You should be sure to do your research and know exactly what kind of machine you are purchasing, before getting it home to use. It may seem simple, turn on, load, and mulch – in reality, it’s more difficult and intricate than that, but you can quickly get the hang of. Also wearing goggles and gloves while using is one of the first and most important lessons to learn before using.

Power Source

Be sure to examine the power source of the wood chipper you are considering buying. If it has a long cord attached to it care needs to be taken. Always be aware of the dangers of power cords. If you need to have an extension cord hooked up to it as well, it is smart to have a game plan as to how to safely run them.

Proper Use

Like we said before, using a wood chipper can be more complicated than you would think. It is more than just throwing some sticks in and watch it work – in order for sticks and leaves to be loaded properly, you need to make sure they are not too big or too crooked to be placed in the machine. Also, you will definitely have to do some manual labor beforehand like cleaning up your yard and composing a pile of debris that will fit in your chipper,

 Power Source

These wood chippers are a convenient, handy piece of machinery. They can definitely help spruce up your yard eliminating sticks and debris. However, there are some overall downfalls when it comes to owning a wood chipper. Purchasing a gas-powered wood chipper is going to come with some noisy side effects. There is no way to muffle or quiet the noise so that is something to keep in mind – especially if you live in a neighborhood or have houses close by while your working.

Like any car or tractor that you power with gas, comes the pollution aspect of it. With gas engines also comes a gas tank which means these machines tend to be heavier and bulkier to move around. On the flip side, using electric wood chippers are quieter, but the power they possess and amount of debris they can mulch up, tends to be less than gas-powered ones.


Any one of the above best wood chippers you end up buying is going to get the job done, it might just take a bit longer. Researching beforehand and purchasing the best one for the job you have in mind, is very important. Quality should be your top priority so reading product reviews and guides can steer you in the right direction. These machines are not for the faint of heart. They should be operated by someone who is confident in their abilities and understand the dangers. Wood chipper safety should be taken seriously. Learn how tragedy struck and what could happen is used incorrectly in this article. Hastily buying one could lead to disappointing results. We are confident that this article will have you well on your way to an educated and smart purchase.




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