Bag of the Best fastest growing grass for dense shaded areas.

J.G. Dense Shade Mix


Bag of the fastest growing grass seed. Jonathan Green grass seed mix

Scotts Quick Fix


Bag of Black Beauty grass seed mix

J.G. Black Beauty Ultra

Using the best grass seed is all well and good, but forget about growing fast if you dont know what your doing. First, an important reminder when working in newly planted or reclaimed areas. BE AWARE of your surroundings, especially if you are planting in an area that was previously overgrown with weeds and brush.

There are two things that can be lurking around even the finest of properties and I’ve seen it take out the most seasoned professionals.The first thing to look out for is Bees, they can live in the ground and in trees if your allergic or dont know they can be fatal. Second is P.I. aka Poison Ivy and there are some great ways to get rid of it without harmful chemicals. A must for anyone who spends time outside. The rash this plant gives isnt fatal but can be one of the most uncomfortable irritations known. I have been hit with both of these, many times and I’m not sure if one is better than the other. Just be aware and extra careful around new or unfamiliar areas. Now let’s get started with the grass!

When choosing the best grass seed or your trying to grow grass fast it’s important to read the label. Using a variety or blend of turf seed incorrectly will only cause problems.  When your in a rush to grow quickly remember, cool season grasses (Bent, Perennial Rye and Fescue) grow better in northern climates. Warmer season grasses (Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia) do better in southern climates, and climates that are central will grow both.


Another very important factor to look at if you want the best lawn is the hours per day your particular area will be getting sun. Only  you can determine if you need seed that thrives best in sun or part shade. The question I hear consistently is  “why isn’t my lawn growing ? ” It actually could be a number of reasons, but more times than not it’s because of incorrect watering. Rest assure that no matter what kind of grass seed you use, even if someone tells you they have the best seed in the world , it will NOT grow without the proper watering and light conditions.

One of the fastest growing turf blends are Perennial or Annual Rye grass (known as a cool season blend). If you live in an area that is favorable to rye grass DON’T plant 100% Rye. This type tends to go dormant in hot temps and annual rye will not come back after dormancy. If your looking for a quick fix for a bare spot than Rye may be a handy little temporary helper. For more information on types of turf grass and its origins check out this.


I laugh when I see people standing there on a hot day holding a garden hose watering their lawn.  It is pretty much useless and a big waste of time and water when this is done. If you have a small area of grass (12×12)  it might make a little sense to water by hand. Otherwise to water an entire lawn you would have to stand out there for hours and hours to give your lawn the water it needs.

What people DON’T seem to understand is if you stand there with a hose and a fan or mist gun attached to the end and point it out in front of you for about 20 min you will have watered that spot with 1 inch of water. So if you did that to 4 spots on your lawn you would be out there for 80 min. Most home  lawns are much bigger, 20-50 time that size or more. I’m sure you get the picture and why I say it’s pointless to wave a hose around for a little while. The top of the plant will get wet but the roots won’t get the water that they need!

Most healthy lawns will usually do good on 20 min of water 2 times a week. That amount may change depending on things like wind, temperature and rain. Another thing that will affect the amount of water your lawn is getting is the sprinkler your using. A good way to measure the amount of water is to put a tuna or vegetable can on your lawn while running the sprinkler for 20 min, than measure the amount of water in the can.

Try to avoid watering between 11-3, it is usually the hottest time of the day. 6-10 in the morning is the best time to water, as the sun is less hot, it’s less windy and also it will give your lawn all day to dry. Watering at night or too late in the day will leave the grass wet making ideal conditions for fungus.

Make sure that your not wasting water. Look to see if the sprinkler is going into the driveway or street and adjust if needed. Also check to see if your lawn is repelling the water and running off your lawn instead of sinking down in. This is called hydrophobic and can happen when you wait too long between waterings or the soil gets to dry.

A good way to check to see if certain areas of your lawn are getting enough water is to push a 6 inch screwdriver down into your lawn. If you can’t or it’s extremely hard than you are not watering enough. (assuming you didn’t hit a rock)

 The 3 key ingredients to a perfect lawn =  Fertilizer, Water, Sun.        

 If you can accomplish the right amounts of these 3 ingredients, I assure you that you’ll be well on your way to a happy, healthy lawn .


Lawn turf varieties have come a long way in the last 10-20 years. There’s not just the simple sun or shade mix when your browsing the gardeningijh    isle at your local home store. Now you see things like water smart technology which is a patented brand from Scotts where the seeds are coated with a chemical that helps to keep seeds moist therefore requiring less water and ideally quicker germination time.

Or seeds that are mixed with mulch & compost, also keeping them moist allowing them to come in better contact with soil which will help in the germination process. The list goes on, I feel although some of these new products work you have to be careful of the ones that don’t. People always want their lawn to look beautiful and will pay the extra money if they feel it will give them the upper hand. Read reviews and see what’s working for other people, always read the label before you buy and use a new product.

Here are a few of the Best Grass Seed brands on the market.

top selling seed mix review

Black Beauty Ultra comes up on top of our best lawn seed reviews. A blend of annual and perennial seed that grows super fast, resulting in quick germination and a deep green lawn. The mix consists of 30% dakota fescue, 30% taos tall fescue, 10% blue kentucky blue-grass and 10%  frontier perennial rye grass. The perennial seed will grow back every year making your lawn strong  and reliable. More than half of the reviewers who used this Jonathan Green blend gave this mix a solid 5 stars.

Another great benefit of this Jonathan Green product is it’s ability to grow in both clay and sandy soils. Most buyers report germination in 7 days or less. It delivers a tough turf, plus it can be planted in sunny or part shade areas.This particular bag of Black Beauty Ultra fast growing grass seed can be purchased at a huge discounted price on Amazon.

grow grass fast with the best mix
Scotts ezSeed

Next on the list is Scotts EZ Seed , which guarantees buyers that this product will grow ANYWHERE, be it sun or shade, clay or sandy.  This Scotts product is not your regular everyday grass seed, because it includes a mixture of mulch, fertilizer and seed to make your job easier. Scotts unique growing material sucks up  water like a sponge, expanding to surround the seed in a moist, protective layer.

Scotts 18225 is the revolutionary mix that takes care of the seed for you, so you can grow thick, beautiful grass anywhere!  Just put it down and add water. This bag of Scotts ezSeed can also be purchased on Amazon for an unbeatable price.

Bag of Scotts Best Turf Builder sun & shade mix.
Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

Another Scotts product on the list of top rated growing mixes, contains watersmart plus technology. Watersmart absorbs twice as much water, which retains the moisture for double the time. It also helps prevent the seed from drying out –  even if you miss a day of watering you’ll be ok with mild temperatures.

This product is high up on the list because it is so versatile. It can withstand scorching heat and will still perform well in densely shaded areas as well. What makes this product great is that it feeds with important nutrients, and protects from disease with a fungicide.

This bag of Scotts high tech seedcan purchased on Amazon for a discounted price. Just remember that Scotts guarantees its products as well, and if your not satisfied for any reason contact them.

fast grow lawn blend

Jonathan Green ranked another product high best grass seed list. The company promises seed will germinate in 7-14 days and hold up well in both sun and shade. Rapid growing grass mix may be the perfect mix for you if fast results are required. Play areas  or where there is excessive pet damage is perfect for this blend. This mixture is predominantly an annual mix with 20% perennial. This Jonathan Green 3lb. bag will cover 1,500 s.f. and can also be purchased now on Amazon for at the lowest price I’ve seen. Other sizes are also available.


These 4 products are all great for growing grass fast. It’s time to decide which of these 4 will work for the area your planting. In truth, all of these are great products. Just be sure to follow planting and watering directions, along with picking the right blend that fits your climate &  you will get the results you want.

Happy Growing!


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  2. Hi Matt,
    We haven’t bought a lot of grass seed for a while since our lawn has been well established for a number of years, but we always get the type for full sun from our local hardware store that sells it by the pound and it seems to work great. Your article was very interesting and informative. Sharing.

    • Yes, if your lucky enough to have a lawn in full sun that is half the battle. That’s pretty good they sell it by the pound, I never knew you could purchase it like that. Thanks for the input!

  3. My husband spent what I considered an unreasonable amount of time researching grass seed, but I guess that’s what he does. Fuss fuss fuss over his grass. Oh well. I’ll have to look up that poison ivy post, my mom always has it in her yard and once you get it, you always get it worse and worse each time. bleh.

  4. I like what this article mentions about watering by hand being somewhat useless when it comes to watering the lawn effectively. It makes sense that it’s just not enough water to cover the lawn effectively. I’m wanting to get grass seed for my yard but I don’t have a sprinkler system installed. I’ll have to look into getting a system or a few hose attachments that would allow for watering when I’m not around. Thanks for the post, I think this will help the seeds grow much more effectively.

    • Yes, irrigation systems are key when trying to maintain an beautiful lawn. Attaching and running hoses around the lawn can be a lot of work but it will work just as good as any irrigation system. Good luck with the new lawn!

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